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About us

We are a young couple who spent our first holiday on Cyprus in 2010 and we quickly decided buying our cozy townhouse. 

We did not hesitate long before we signed the contract. We had only been on Cyprus for a week but had already gotten enthusiastic about the city and the island. Friendly and nice people, a good atmosphere, great hospitality, delicious food and wonderful weather most of the year make the city highly attractive.

We have by now been on Cyprus several times and have become good friends with some happy and relaxed people who have also gotten enthusiastic about the island.

Cyprus has many unique features that you cannot find many other places. It is said to have the best beaches in Europe. The water is crystal clear and the sandy beaches are beautiful. 320 sunny days a year and mild winter with an average temperature of 16 degrees Centigrade even in January really make the weather something to write home about.


 We wish you a happy and sunny holiday.


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