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We recommend

Paphos is a lovely city with plenty to do and lots of activities for the whole family. Here are some of the restaurants / activities that we have tried and experienced and therefore feel qualified to recommend to you.

  • Restaurants
  1. Cloe's, Chinese Restaurant: The restaurant is located on the seafront promenade you cannot miss it, trees with bright red lights at the entrance. The service is first class, the restaurant is lovely and they serve the most delicious food.
  2. Sakura Japanese Restaurant: Address: Posaidonos Avenue, Paphos, close to town, the restaurant is owned by the same group as Cloe's restaurant, therefore you cannot miss this restaurant. There are trees with blue lights outside. Again the service is excellent, a lovely restaurant with delicious food.
  3. Ocean Basket, seafood restaurant: Address: Avanti holiday village piazza, Poseidon Ave, Paphos, the restaurant is located just outside the city, near the beach. If you like seafood and sushi, this is the place to go. Good atmosphere and delicious food placed in a small "oasis". You must book a table 1-2 days in advance, to make sure it is available.
  4. Mandra Tavern, Meze Restaurant: Address: 4, Dionysou Street, Paphos. The restaurant features authentic Cypriot atmosphere and a delicious traditional Meze is served here. If you prefer a good steak, the assortment is good and the taste is great.
  5. Pizza Express, Pizza restaurant. The restaurant is located in an alley at the promenade, although the name might sound unattractive, they make the best pizza I've ever tasted.

We could go on recommending, but these restaurants are really on the top 5 and there is something for everyone.

  • Car Rental
Astra Car rental, This is the company we use when we need to hire a car, they are cheaper than other rental companies and very professional. The staff are nice and kind people, all of whom speak English. If desired, you can collect the car on arrival at the airport, thereby saving € 30 for a taxi, from the airport to our apartment. We will of course, help with the booking, but you are also welcome to arrange it yourself, just mention that you have booked through, then you will get a better service and maybe a little discount.
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